Manually Re-recordable Musical Sound Box - 30 seconds recording

This push button recordable sound voice box can be programmable by simply pressing the button. The sound module enclosed inside the plastic case is small enough to work beautifully inside musical stuffed animals, craft projects, school presentations, customized gift boxes, push button display units, and product packaging... Possibilities are endless....

Record up to 30 seconds

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  • Rotate the plastic enclosure on none speaker side to get an access to rubber recording button
  • Press down on the internal rubber recording module to record (red light will go one to indicate that recording started); speak 3 to 4 inches from module and release the button to stop recording (red light will go off to indicate that recording stopped)
  • Module will record up to 30 seconds. Repeat process as needed to get perfect message
  • Rotate the plastic enclosure on none speaker side to hide teh recording button.
  • Press on the front of the box to hear the message
  • Place module in stuffed animal belly area; it will be heard whenever animal is hugged
  • Recording may be changed by repeating above process

Product Description

  • About 30 seconds of message can be recorded
  • Dimensions: approximately 1.5” in diameter x 1" thick (38 mm x 25 mm)
  • Weight: approximately 1 oz (with batteries. Unit comes with batteries)
  • Electronic sound module is totally hidden inside the durable plastic enclosure
  • Operated by 3 LR44 batteries (INCLUDED). Once batteries die, replace them and unit will continue to function.


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