EZSound Module - Push Button Activated - Easy to Record - 120 Seconds Recording - High Sound Quality

  • Recordable push button module can be recorded from videos, sound files (any format), voice recordings, phone messages, etc
  • No software required - works with any device such as Mac, PC, Iphone, Ipad, Tablet, Android, MP3 player, etc
  • Push button activated audio chip can hold up to approximately 100 seconds of recording
  • Sound volume of the voice module insert is controlled by the sound volume of your device
  • Re-record as many times as you want / need
  • Push Button Sound Module is ideal for talking display units, adding sound effects to hobbies, marketing materials with sound, special gifts, school projects, talking invitations, plush toys, etc
  • Recording cable is provided as along with the module
  • Please watch product video below


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Now Only $9.99 Regular Price $10.99 As low as $6.19
  • Buy 3 for $8.59 each and save 15%
  • Buy 10 for $7.59 each and save 25%
  • Buy 100 for $6.19 each and save 39%

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Product Description

  • Dimensions: approximately 3 inch x 2 inch x 3/16 inch (75 mm x 50 mm x 5 mm)
  • Weight: approximately 0.5 oz
  • Maximum play duration: can be re-recordable up to 100 seconds
  • Life cycle: plays 300 to 350 times on average (replace 3 LR1130 batteries and unit will continue to play. No re-programming required)
  • Assembly type: peel and stick self adhesive backing
  • Play type: push button type. Push the button once, and it will start playing, push again, it will stop
  • Comes with batteries and speaker ready for use
  • Regardless of order quantity, ONLY one programmer will be provided


  • 1+ Sound Module (with 1 Recording Cable) = $10.99 each 9.99 each
  • 3+ Sound Module (with 1 Recording Cable) = $9.99 each 8.59 each
  • 10+ Sound Module (with 1 Recording Cable) = $7.59 each
  • 100+ Sound Module (with 1 Recording Cable) = $6.19 each

Programming Steps

  • Remove the tab from under the battery
  • Plug audio cable into your device and sound module
  • Start playing the audio in your device and also push the button to start recording
  • Push button again to stop recording
  • ENJOY IT !!!

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