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Slide Tongue

slide tongue voice chip for greting cards

Use our high quality slider modules to create custom musical voice cards

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Push Button

push button sound modules

Push button modules can be used for...

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Light Sensor

Light activated sound modules

Light sensor sound modules are ideal for...

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Our recordable sound chips are tiny electronic devices that allow you to create your own messages for hundreds of delightful and unexpected uses. Invite By Voice specializes in custom greeting cards, music boxes, musical wedding invitations, singing brochures and talking marketing products.

At Invite By Voice, we offer many different types of sound modules to allow you to record your personalized greeting with your own voice. Our tiny and unobtrusive sound module options help make your personalized greeting unforgettable.

The Slide Tongue voice module is activated when the recipient opens your greeting card or brochure. Your recorded voice message plays when the card is unfolded and stops when the card is closed. It’s a fun and unexpected way for your customers or loved ones to hear your voice and enjoy your greeting.

The Push Button Voice Chip is activated when the recipient pushes the button and stops when the button is pushed for a second time. This product is popular for use in corporate marketing materials where novelty and surprise are needed to capture interest and engage the user.

The Light Sensor Voice Module works beautifully in boxes since the voice message begins when the mechanism is exposed to light. Replace the lid of the box or close the brochure and your recorded greeting will stop playing. We love this sound module for special merchandise, gifts, or even an extraordinary wedding invitation.

We do also offer push button sound modules inside sturdy plastic boxes. They come in two different colors and sizes. The smaller programmable voice message box is ideal for plush toys in order to add favorite song of your child inside the customizable toy or you can also incorporate your personal voice message. One of the biggest advantage of this module is that it can be re-recordable as many times as you want. The bigger voice marketing box can be used for many different purposes such as adding voice music and song factor into marketing display stands in order to attract more customer and provide product details easily


Sound chips add freshness and surprise to virtually any printed material. Our tiny voice modules fit discreetly into hundreds of items including save the date cards, custom wedding invitations, graduation invitations, Christmas and holiday cards, birthday party invitations, baby shower invites, and also promotional materials like packaging, books, catalogs, brochures, banners and business cards. We can even add our voice modules to t-shirts and stuffed animals! Almost anywhere that you’d like to add your voice or sound effect, we can insert our tiny electronic musical modules. Get in touch with our custom design department to create exactly what you are looking for.